And What She Does

Joy has had a keen interest in singing from a very early age. At the age of ten, she sang in a quartet with her three sisters. She then went on, with her sisters, to sing in informal church choirs and sang several times in choirs in the Royal Albert Hall.

Joy then sang contemporary folk and country music in pubs and clubs, accompanying herself on the guitar.

Years later, Joy sang as a worship leader and backing vocalist. She now sings on special occasions.

Eager to improve her own singing technique, Joy completed several singing courses that improved the sound quality and tuning of her voice, and extended her vocal range considerably. Being very interested in technique and vocal faults, and how to correct them, she continued to study singing for a further fifteen years.

Joy believes that, in every voice, whether strong or weak, there is always room for improvement and new skills to acquire. Joy teaches you to sing without unnecessary strain and tension, improving the tone, range, flexibility, control and tuning of your voice. You will also learn how to find harmonies, sing riffs and runs, sing high and low notes – improving your range and style.

In the first few lessons, Joy will use diagnostic tests and exercises to work out the best ways to improve your sound technique and breathing, discover your strengths and spot any weak areas in your voice. She will design an individual lesson plan that will help to fix any apparent problems she discovers. During your lessons, you will learn safe singing and breathing techniques that aim to bring out the best in your voice.