What We Do In Lessons

  1. The first part of the lesson consists of warming up your voice and learning the correct way to breathe for singing.
  2. Then we will do vocal workout exercises and address any tuning issues to strengthen and improve control and tone, and to correct vocal problems and inconsistencies.
  3. We will also do harmony exercises to help you quickly identify the thirds, fifths and other harmony notes.
  4. In the last third of the lesson we sing songs that assist in improving your technical ability and strengthen the weak areas of your voice.


Lessons can be taken weekly or fortnightly but longer distance students can take one hour lessons every three weeks if required.

Cost of Lessons

Individual – £19.00 for one hour (half-hour lessons can be accommodated)

2 people sharing – £ 12.00 each for one hour, £15.00 each for one and a half hours.

Lessons can be bought as a gift.