There are plenty of bad habits that singers can develop Here are some things to avoid:

  1. Don’t pull strange faces (check in a mirror if you are not sure whether you are).
  2. Don’t get louder when singing high notes – unless you want to of course.
  3. Don’t push your lips and/or jaw forward.
  4. Don’t pull your chin down to sing low notes.
  5. Don’t frown to sing high notes.
  6. Don’t pull your lips back off your teeth or overdo your smile.
  7. Don’t tense your shoulders, chest or stomach area to sing high notes.

Doing any of these things will only damage your voice, causing continuous problems while you sing and speak. They will make your voice sound strange and strained, and can push it down the wrong path. This can increase the occurrence of sore throats and throat infections.

A good safe singing technique is essential for any singer to ensure that these bad habits are eliminated.