Many articles have been written about breathing while singing. Some are helpful, some are so complicated and detailed that they are not easily understood.

The basic things you need to know are:

  • Taking a breath without letting your chest area or shoulders rise.
  • Not tensing your abdomen (stomach) area.


Fashion dictates that you should only stand or sit with the slim looking ‘stomach in, chest out’ poise, but this is sometimes the root cause responsible for the habit of shallow breathing during singing. It is not good to worry about looking fat when you are singing. Trying too hard to keep your poise right and your tummy flat will only serve to hinder your attempts to take a good singing breath. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get a good deep breath if, all the time, you are trying to hold your stomach in!

Learn to Relax and Breathe

Learning to relax your face, neck and lower abdomen area takes practice. Remember, when singing, tension is one of your biggest enemies. Too much tension in your body will prevent you taking proper deep breaths and will severely limit your vocal ability. Always check for tension in your neck, face and the area between your pubic bone and navel. You only need a small quiet deep breath to sing even a long phrase with plenty of air to spare.

Vocal Encouragement NaturalĀ Singing exercises are designed to incorporate both breathing and vocal technique; these skills will help develop your voice to reach its full potential, although some students will require additional help with their breathing technique.