Training your voice to work better while singing requires coordination, using the correct amount of air and the assistance of special exercises to help build strength and stamina.

You must first get rid of all unnecessary force, strain and muscle activity that interferes with your tone production. Then you can produce words clearly and easily as you sing. Vocal training can free you of bad singing habits that cause tension under your jaw, in your neck and at the back of your mouth.

The special exercises, designed to eliminate force and strain, are full of sounds that cause the air and your vocal cords to work together optimally throughout the range of your singing voice. Each time you practice the exercise sounds, you remind your body how comfortable and easy it feels to sing without strain.

Once you have established a safe natural singing method, these tensions will disappear. Remember, you don’t have to have a faultless voice to have a singing voice that works well for you. Your goal is not perfection, it is to train your singing voice so that it does what you want it to do, as well as delivering the message in the song you are singing effectively.

Don’t feel you have to fix everything, just work on the sounds that hinder your voice and keep what works. The thing that most people notice when listening to someone singing is the tuning and timing of the notes produced.