What is it?

The lip trill is a versatile warm up and singing exercise which is useful for increasing the range of notes you can sing effortlessly. It helps you sing easily through difficult passage areas, assisting the voice through the chest, middle and head registers without straining. When done correctly, it can be used as good warm up and range extension exercises.

What is it not?

The lip trill is not a tuneful raspberry nor is it an opportunity to spit at your coach! It is a slow bubbling of the lips while singing “uh”, the slower you can bubble your lips the better the result.

Beginning a lip trill vocal warm up exercise

Place your relaxed lips together, first of all do a few short bursts of “brrrruh brrrruh” in various places of a scale and without spitting join the brrrruh sounds together over an octave or so of notes. It is best to record your exercise so you can hear how much progress you are making.

130519 Lip TrillRemember to keep your lips relaxed, free from tension and try not to thrust them forward as this tends to tighten the back of the throat, stopping the lip trill exercise from flowing. It may also help if you support the skin and muscles of your face by placing your fingers on your cheeks gently supporting the skin.