Pitch training (or maybe that should be ear training) requires patience and perseverance. Even the most out-of-tune voice can be trained to sing in tune. It takes time, encouragement and a lot of practice to achieve a balanced vocal.

There are a few things that can be done to assist the voice in singing more in tune:

  • Never sing with headphones on when you are unable to hear your own voice.
  • Always correct bad notes that you can hear when singing around the home or garden, or in the shower/bath.
  • Listen closely to music, not having it on in the background but sitting and listening to every note sung and played.

Vocal training will help you to hear the notes before you sing them. Then your vocal cords will stretch to the correct tension, air passes through the cords and, with a lot of patience and practice, the right note will appear.

Lessons with Joy Stock will help to correct any technical problems or errors that prevent you pitching notes correctly. Although, you will need to put in a great deal of practice to correct a very out-of-tune voice. It will be like learning a new language, which takes patience and perseverance to master.